RIWAC Research Institute for Women and Careers JAPAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY


Workshop :SPSS related to statistical analysis useful for social surveys

March 7~10,2022

The Research Institute for Women and Careers has held the “Statistical analysis useful for social surveys: SPSS Workshop” for students and staff of the university every year since 2012 to 2019, however, due to covid-19, we couldn’t hold the workshop for 2 years. Finally, this year, the workshop was held in a computer seminar room with the cooperation of the Media Center. In a series of four successive lectures, Researcher Kim Myoung-Jung of the NLI Research Institute spoke about basic knowledge and the basic operations of SPSS, data processing, cross tabulation, and the basics of statistical analysis (regression analysis). The workshop was divided into an Introductory Segment on March 7th (Mon.) and 8th (Tue.) and a Foundation Segment on the 9th (Wed.) and 10th (Thu.).

We got a great response & positive feedback from the participants of workshop.