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【Report】The 5th “Women-only Gathering: Empowerment Center × Research Institute for Women and Careers”

The 5th “women-only gathering” jointly sponsored by Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Empowerment Center and Research Institute for Women and Careers was held from 7 p.m. on July 12, 2019, at Omotesando Nasic Hall.

During the first session, Ms. Sonoko Takahashi delivered a talk on “Challenge to new service through Gran Class hospitality- ”. She graduated from Tokyo Women’s University and at first she had worked at All Nipon Airways Co., Ltd as a cabin attendant. She left the company due to her husband transfer, and she experienced the different cultures living in Brasil and New York. Through the experience she acquired hospitality abroad, and now is in charge of Gran Class service and cabin attendant as an executive officer of Nippon Restaurant Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

During the second session, a casual networking meeting was held with beverages and snacks.

The participants were almost 40 people, and they expressed the impression: “It is wonferful to know what alumni are doing well”, “It is very stimulating for us to know the presicous stories of women who are active in various fields, and I’m sure it leads our own growth.”

This gathering started as building a network of the alumni beyond generations and has been gradually established, but unfortunately this gathering is closed for a while.

We hope we could give you a meaningful gathering someday.

Thank you to everyone concerned.