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【Report】The 4th “Women-only Gathering: Empowerment Center × Research Institute for Women and Careers”

The 4th “women-only gathering” jointly sponsored by Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Empowerment Center and Research Institute for Women and Careers was held from 7 p.m. on July 13, 2018, at Omotesando Nasic Hall.

During the first session, Yumiko Kamada delivered a talk on “Just Do It”. She graduated from Japan Women’s University and at first she had worked at East Japan Railway Company and worked on a new model from the environmental plan of a station to merchandising and now an executive officer of Calbee Inc.

During the second session, a casual networking meeting was held with beverages and snacks.

The participants were almost 50 people, and they had a good time there and hoped the next gathering.

This gathering started as building a network of the alumni beyond generations and has been gradually established.