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【Report】”Women’s Life Course and their Career Development – the Role of Women’s Universities” – an open lecture/symposium hosted by RIWAC in FY 2009.

An open lecture/symposium held in 2009 by Japan Women’s University, RIWAC “Women’s Life Course and their Career Development – the Role of Women’s Universities” (Co-hosting the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology’s support project for the development of strategic research infrastructure “Women and Career Archives” / the university research institute’s research challenge 39 “The Social Advancement of Women and the Significance of Lifelong Learning”)

Opening Statement
1st Session: Lecture 13:35 – 14:35
“Work-life balance and Equal Opportunity Employment”
Hiroki Sato (Professor of the Institute of Social Science, Tokyo University)

10 minute break

2nd Session: Symposium 14:45 – 17:45

“What Career Support is offered by Japan Women’s University?”
×          a report on the topic and content of each program
×          a discussion on the kind of career support that ought to be available at Japan Women’s University and the partnerships affiliated with each program
×          general summary

Closing remarks

A profile of Hiroki Sato

Professor of the Institute of Social Science, Tokyo University
1953: Born in Tokyo
1981: Attended Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Social Studies where he acquired units in a PhD course before leaving
1981: Researcher at the Employment and Occupation Research Institute (currently the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training)
1983: Assistant Professor at the Ohara Institute for Social Research at Hosei University
1991: Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration at Hosei University
1996 on: Employed in current position

Professor Sato’s publications include:
“An Introduction to Human Resource Management” (co-authored; Nikkei Inc.)
“Childcare Leave for Men: the needs of employees and benefits to the company” (co-authored; Chukoshinsho)
“Utilizing Part-time, Contracted, Outsourced, and Commissioned Human Resources (2nd Edition)” (Edited; Nikkei Bunko)
“Work-life Balance: supporting the balance between work and child rearing” (edited; Gyosei)
Positions concurrently held:
Subcommittee member of the Labor Policy Council, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Member of the Council for Gender Equality, Cabinet Office
Member of the 1st Public/Private Committee for the Promotion of Work/Life Balance, Cabinet Office
Chairman of the Committee for the Promotion of Harmonization between Work and Life, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare