RIWAC Research Institute for Women and Careers JAPAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY


【Report】“Women and Social Research” – an open lecture/symposium hosted by RIWAC in 2010.

On December 4th 2010, RIWAC hosted a lecture/symposium on “Women and Social Research” in the Shin Izumiyama Building. This was an open report on a section of the final year’s compilation of a database on social research related to women and careers (since 1975); a project that began in 2008 when RIWAC was selected as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s support project for the development of strategic research infrastructure at private universities. Before the report, Ms. Somswasdi of Thailand’s Chiang Mai University gave a lecture on “An Overview of Research on Women in Thailand: From Mainstreem to Feminist” Afterwards we looked at several categories of social research from around 1,000 pieces compiled in the database, and enjoyed a demonstration of the data archive to be published on the website. The day was attended by around 100 people and significant comments were made by two members of the external evaluation panel, allowing us real faith in the project’s outcome.