RIWAC Research Institute for Women and Careers JAPAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY


【Report】The 3rd “Women-only Gathering: Empowerment Center × Research Institute for Women and Careers”

 The 3rd “women-only gathering” jointly sponsored by the Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Empowerment Center and the Research Institute for Women and Careers was held from 7 p.m. on July 14, 2017, at Omotesando Nasic Hall.

 During the first session, Essayist Yoko Hiramatsu, who graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, gave a talk on “relation between food and individual person” and during the second session, a casual networking meeting was held at which beverages and snacks were provided.

 The participants provided various comments regarding the gathering such as, “The event became helpful in my life including careers and taking care of my children” and “It is a valuable opportunity for me to listen to the alumni’s talk because of my motivation.”