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【Report】Implications from Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato “Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and the Great Recession: Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade”

Date  :  27th February ,2017
Place  :  RIWAC    Japan Women’s University (Mejiro campus)    2-8-1 Mejirodai,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo
Lecturer  :  Professor  Ryo Kambayashi 


 A research meeting was held with Professor Ryo Kambayashi of the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, as a guest speaker.

 Professor Kambayashi used data to give careful explanations on themes titled “Who does non-regular employment refer to?”, “The background to the increase in non-regular employment” and “Measures to improve treatment in non-regular employment”.

 This was a very useful study meeting, in that it helped us to confirm the definition of non-regular employment, an essential matter when considering women’s careers.