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【Report】Ask the Author: Nami Otsuki, Gender Gap in the Workplace: Factors that Hinder Women’s Promotion

Date  :  20th January ,2017
Place  :  RIWAC Japan Women’s University (Mejiro campus)    2-8-1 Mejirodai,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo
Lecturer  :  Professor Nami Otsuki.

 Professor Nami Otsuki of the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, was invited to share the many research results reproduced in her 2015 publication Gender Gap in the Workplace: Factors that Hinder Women’s Promotion, and the knowledge drawn from them. The book examines the issue of how gender gaps in the workplace are created and maintained.

 From Professor Otsuki’s talk, we learned that there is a structure in the workplace that puts women at a disadvantage compared to men, and a mechanism whereby women are excluded from workplaces on premises without clear justification; these then lead to workplace gaps. The talk gave us a better understanding of the fact that introducing wage systems designed to evaluate work performance instead of the ability-based grading system will be an important measure for eliminating gender-based job divisions, along with a re-examination of evaluation standards and other measures.