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【Report】 Keynote Report : The cooperation planning with The Associations of Tokyo Small-and Medium-Size Enterprises and RIWAC, “Cases of SMEs making full use of female employees & thinking about ideal employee image”

Date : 22nd August, 2017

Place : Conference Room, Human System LTD.

Lecturer: Prof. Machiko Osawa, Director of RIWAC, Dr. Junko Sangu, Researcher of RIWAC, Dr. Yuka Mitarai, Researcher of RIWAC

Part I

We reported some cases through the results of questionnaires to personnel officers of SMEs and the interview surveys with the company side, and presented the clue about the reform of working styles.

Part II

We held the active discussion by showing specific initiatives of each company.

We would like to continue to deepen our research by receiving cooperation from many companies.