RIWAC Research Institute for Women and Careers JAPAN WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY


Goals of RIWAC

The institute exists to study and research the challenges surrounding modern women and their careers so as to apply the tradition and ideals of women’s education represented by Japan Women’s University to a changing modern society. It also aims to communicate research outcomes not only in education at JWC but also within society as a whole, thus serving to facilitate a society in which women can achieve their full potential.

The word ‘career’ is often used narrowly as a synonym for occupational history. At this institute, however, we would like to define it broadly as ‘a way of life’. While women’s ‘way of life’ is an independent process of selection, it is also restricted by a range of social conditions. Modern society has various expectations of women’s roles. Women themselves are increasingly going on to higher education, and are becoming more active in social activities. At the same time, the realities of women having to quit their jobs due to the harshness of their workplace and the severe difficulties they face in trying to rejoin the workforce afterwards have not diminished. Marriage too is in the course of dynamic transformation, and in addition to the responsibilities of raising children, women face the issues of divorce or living as a single person.

This institute provides opportunities to research and develop new approaches to a range of issues concerning modern women’s ‘way of living’, to exchange the results of research projects both within and outside the university, to educate young researchers, as well as to communicate our research outcomes to society as a whole. The institute also aims to gather information regarding women and their careers and conduct exchanges with other research institutes. Finally, our research should provide core data for the education of women provided at Japan Women’s University.